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Sending The Perfect After-Date Text To Your Crush | Talking to Myselfs

Jay is just a regular guy trying to navigate life, but the voices in his head also happen to be his roommates, which makes doing anything in life that much more difficult. When it comes time to send a text message to Jennifer, a woman with whom Jay had a nice date and who actually sent him a same-day text, Jay gets ready to respond.

That ‘s when Sam and Thomas, Jay ‘s id and superego, jump in, and yeah ‘ they have opinions about how to nail this. Sam ‘s all “let ‘s go do this, we are IN, homie, let ‘s go get LAID ‘ but Thomas pumps the brakes, tries to get these knuckleheads to play it safe, play it careful. When Jay makes a risky play to keep the banter going, Jennifer goes silent and the three guys collapse into a ball of anxiety summed up by Thomas ‘ rebuke: “She hates us. You idiot, you always do this. ‘


Sending a text message after a date is harrowing. You ‘re trying to figure out that balance of fun flirt while also avoiding coming off as needy or a creep, and there are just so many pot holes. Especially if it ‘s early in the relationship, it ‘s so tempting to obsess over the every word. “She sent XO but then included the grimace face ‘ does that mean she hates me, or that she ‘s embarrassed that she has strong feelings this early, because I do too, but I can ‘t tell her that? Can I? Should I just send her this long text and explain it? Or call her? I ‘ll call her ‘ NO! Yes! No! ‘

There are some good tips out there for what text messages might be good for men to send to women (might be good as well to learn what advice women seek out on this subject too), but, selfishly, in the service of our daily ha-has, we ‘re glad Jay, Sam, and Thomas are finding their own way.


Written and Created by Max Lesser
Jay/Ego: Max Lesser
Sam/Id: Lea Coco
Thomas/Superego: Andy Goldenberg
Director: Brad Morris
Assistant Director/Producer: Sara Gunderson
DP: Westley Gathright
Editor: Gabriel Cullen
Composer: Forest Christenson ‘
Sound Mixer: ‘Michael ‘Kool
1st AC: Joe Han
Gaffer: Hayden Klemes
PA: ‘Spencer Greller

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