By: Sloane Hughes

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Comedy Icon Gary Gulman Is Tweeting Joke Writing Tips Every Comedian Should Read

There is a lot more to comedy than just being funny and anyone who ‘s ever tried their hand at joke writing can attest to how much of an art it really is. Honestly, I ‘d say being funny is the least important ingredient to a solid joke. Which, as someone who grew up surrounded by people who said, “you ‘re so funny you should be a comedian, ‘ was kind of a devastating realization once I actually started pursuing comedy. There is so much that goes into a successful joke. Precise word choice, inflection, pauses – everything is intentional. Joke writing is as meticulous as writing poetry, and frankly, it ‘s daunting.

Luckily for anyone trying to break into the stand-up scene or for anyone trying to elevate their writing and performing skills, master of comedy Gary Gulman has made it his 2019 resolution to regularly tweet tips for joke writing.

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