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Here ‘s 13 Tasty GIFs of Danny Devito Eating To Make You Hungry

Danny Devito is the 8th Wonder of the World

The man is in his seventies and so completely overdelivers in everything he does ‘ it ‘s mind-blowing.

And while many people will laud Mr. Devito for his commitment to and portrayal of Frank on It ‘s Always Sunny, or his surprising and impeccable track record as a producer to help get projects to audiences they would otherwise miss, I for one am most pumped about his amazingly unique takes on eating.

The man eats and talks like no other. Here are 13 GIFs of Danny Devito eating that will make you question your own ability to talk around a mouthful, use new tools to hold the food you love so much, or even just gargle your own beer burp.

1. Peaches are juicy but this is next-level chin shine right here.

2. The way this gum stays on his upper teeth.

3. He wants even more of this burn.

4. This is my new powermove for lunch meetings.

5. This look of bliss as he murders a gas station hot dog.

6. We knew he ‘d eat cat food but dog treats is a new one.

7. How is this not nominated for Best Picture.

8. If you put ketchup on a hotdog you ‘re a monster.

9. Frank in drag: 100. Frank in drag eating ribs: 1million.

10. From his intervention episode. That is beer.

11. Throwback cocaine latkes right here.

12. How does one man contain so much innovation.

13. Me when I catch someone watching me eat sushi.

Check out funny Danny Devito videos here on Funny Or Die.

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