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Ron Burgundy Is Coming For Your Ear Holes (With His Podcast)

Get ready for February 7: Ron Burgundy has figured out podcasting. Which means Ron Burgundy doesn ‘t just fully understand scotch, manly manes of perfectly coiffed hair, and how to read a teleprompter ‘ ‘no. He also fully understands the technology behind podcasting. And, again, it ‘s important to underline that by “fully understands, ‘ we mean barely understands.

The man is a tireless wolfhound

That ‘s why Ron, legendary newscaster and greatest podcast host of all time (as stated in his contract), in partnership with iHeartMedia, has released the official trailer for “The Ron Burgundy Podcast, ‘ which launches February 7th on the iHeartPodcast Network. ‘Our audio series is a spectacular reliving of his glory days and a big dose of keeping up with the times by doing what the cool, young people are doing.

Check out the official audio trailer below and a video teaser above.

A Ron Burgundy promise: No topic off-limits

Burgundy, who has a fountain of knowledge that spans literally every topic imaginable, has signed on for two, 12-episode seasons, with the first episode of “The Ron Burgundy Podcast ‘ making its debut on February 7 with subsequent episodes to post each Thursday. Season two is expected to air mid-2019.

‘”The men in the grey suits said I would have utter journalistic control over all of my podcasts and with that, they left. And here we are. You and me and a whole butt load of time to discuss anything…and I mean anything. ‘

Get ready.

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