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Trying to Talk to A Real Customer Service Rep | Talking to Myselfs

Jay is your every day type of dude doing his best to get through life, but the voices in his head also happen to be his roommates, which makes doing anything waaaay more complicated. One day, when trying to get through to a customer service rep, he ‘s on the brink of giving up, but that ‘s when Sam and Thomas, Jay ‘s id and superego, butt in and start berating him about how to totally nail this moment.

Thomas, the careful, considerate, overthinking one, insists that he can handle it by simply giving the automated phone system the information it needs to successfully complete the call. But when that doesn ‘t work, Sam jumps in and tries yelling. Then they end up in customer service phone call purgatory: on hold.


When it comes to talking to customer service, one thing is clear: no one is having a good time.

Having worked in customer service myself, I can tell you, there ‘s always the hope the person you ‘re talking to is going to be normal, and sane, and hopefully (maybe) be a nice good decent person. But usually, with all the layers of automated menus, most people are pretty damn pissed. We ‘d all benefit from learning about the other side (this article on how to talk to customer service reps might help), but then again, if life were easy and free of frustration, that would also suck, in the end, here ‘s to shitty customer service.


Written and Created by Max Lesser
Jay/Ego: Max Lesser
Sam/Id: Lea Coco
Thomas/Superego: Andy Goldenberg
Director: Brad Morris
Assistant Director/Producer: Sara Gunderson
DP: Westley Gathright
Editor: Gabriel Cullen
Composer: Forest Christenson ‘
Sound Mixer: ‘Michael ‘Kool
1st AC: Joe Han
Gaffer: Hayden Klemes
PA: ‘Spencer Greller

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