By: Sloane Hughes

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‘Sports Mode ‘ VS. ‘4WD Mode ‘ Crocs Divides The Nation

Crocs have been a hot topic of debate basically since they were first introduced to the world, and the sides of the argument used to be Crocs Are Great VS. Crocs Are The Worst Things On Earth What The Hell Are These, but now that we ‘ve all somehow just collectively decided to give Crocs a pass (which I still do not agree with, I will never wear Crocs and you can ‘t make me) we have been met with a new schism.

Sports Mode VS. 4WD

Apparently Crocs are a shoe of versatility, and have different modes for different purposes. When the sandal strap is flipped forward, that ‘s what the internet has dubbed “relaxed mode ‘, which I ‘m assuming is for things like gardening or regretting your life choices at a moderate speed, but where it gets complicated is when the strap is flipped backward, as pictured below.

Courtesy of Crocs

This, of course, is for when shit gets serious, and you gotta do wind-sprints while making sure your Crocs don ‘t fall off. So if this isn ‘t “relaxed mode ‘, what is it?

Well, there are two options.

First, you have Sports Mode

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