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What really happens on the sidelines at football games

When you watch the big game, just remember, that, yeah, sure football ‘s a fun sport, it really is ‘ but it ‘s a dangerous one. Especially for the hard-working gridiron greats who work tirelessly every game day. Those on the sidelines taking hit after hit after hit, without a word of complaint.

It ‘s called sideline violence, and it ‘s a thing. The hits don ‘t quit, and for these pioneers of the pigskin it ‘s time we did something. Like, I don ‘t know, watch Everybody Loves Raymond or something. I heard it ‘s a pretty good show.


Jonathan Shaboo – Andrew Talbot
Tiffany Blom – Olivia Masters
Matt McCready – David Masters
Jackson Rowe – Nick Pallentine
Kerry Griffin – Referee ‘

Crew ‘
Directed and Edited by Mike Mildon
Written by Mike Mildon and Jackson Rowe
Director of Photography – Brett Pederson
In the Field DOP – Luke Mitchell
Drone Operator – Brett Pederson

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