By: Kelci Grammar

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The Greatest Reactions To Maroon 5 ‘s Not-So-Super Bowl Show

Regarding Super Bowl LIII last night it ‘s hard to say what was more uneventful – the football game itself which only took one touchdown for the Patriots to win, or the halftime show which gave SpongeBob SquarePants about the same length of stage time as Travis Scott. For those who don ‘t know, SpongeBob ‘s appearance in the halftime show was a tribute to the show ‘s creator Stephen Hillenburg who passed away last year after battling ALS, and a performance featuring just Travis Scott and SpongeBob would have been a Super Bowl show worth watching.

Unfortunately, though, all we got was roughly a combined 3 minutes of the two and then 13 minutes of Maroon 5 featuring stunning performances from Adam Levine ‘s nipples, and honestly the only thing that got me through the show was how much everyone was roasting it (mostly Maroon 5) on twitter.

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