By: Kelci Grammar

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Universal Orlando Unleashed A Troll That Farts Glitter Upon The World

Maybe it ‘s just me, but there ‘s something about those characters that walk around amusement parks that ‘s just inherently creepy. Those permanent smiles and glazed over eyes… The fact that they ‘re all gigantic… I dunno dude, There ‘s just something super unsettling about them.

You know what really doesn ‘t help make to make amusement park mascots LESS disturbing?

Making them naked… with the ability to fart glitter.

Yep. This is a thing.

Universal in Orlando, Florida recently debuted it ‘s newest character from the movie Trolls. His name is Guy Diamond, he ‘s stark nude, and he farts glitter at guests. This is a real character from the movie, but did he really need to be brought to life????

Like of ALL the characters to have roaming around a children ‘s amusement park I just feel like the one that ‘s butt. ass. naked. is perhaps NOT THE BEST CHOICE? And that seems to be the general consensus among most people.

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