By: Kelci Grammar

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Gif Reactions For Any Emotion You Feel During The Grammys

The Grammy ‘s are coming up this weekend and awards shows can be an emotional roller coaster. Whether you get to see your favorite artist win an award or you have to watch as sadly their name isn ‘t called, it ‘s bound to be full of highs and lows. And sometimes it ‘s hard to put those feelings into words, but thankfully we ‘ve got gifs for that.

Here ‘s a collection of reaction gifs featuring some of this years Grammy nominees to help you express how you really feel while you watch this Sunday. Let it all out.

For the joy you feel when your favorite artist wins

Or when someone wins and you… Don ‘t necessarily agree

For the initial shock when your favorite artist doesn ‘t win and you thought they HAD IT IN THE BAG

For if you ‘re the type that gets sad about a loss…

… Or if you ‘re more the angry type

And of course, if someone else is up in arms over the results, but you ‘re feeling juuuust fine about it

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