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When You Still Follow Your Ex On Social Media | Talking to Myselfs

Jay is just like you and me ‘ ‘just your normal, every day type of person doing his best to get through life. The only difference is, while you and I have voices in our heads that we (mostly) keep to ourselves, Jay ‘s are his roommates. His actual roommates.

Now, this makes doing… pretty much ANYTHING in life really, really difficult. And when Jay drops a like on a picture of his ex on social media, he finds himself in the crossfire as the voices weigh in, and weigh in extra crispy.

Sam (the id, or, basically the horny one) and Thomas (the superego, or, basically the anxious one) give Jay a big dose of super sweaty judgement. Sam ‘s all, “Weak. WEAAAKK BRUH, ‘ but Thomas takes a different take, going all, “You idiot. You just couldn ‘t help yourself. You ALWAYS do this. ‘


Why you shouldn ‘t follow an ex on social media. Hm. Let us count the ways. Besides the feelings of jealousy and inadequacy that will likely pop up, besides the fact that most people always have “that one ‘ who “got away ‘ because they didn ‘t want to “dress like Mr. Magoo ‘ and “choke you a little’ BESIDES ALL THAT ‘ let ‘s go past the self-centered take for a moment, shall we, and flip the script: ‘would YOU want to be followed/Instastalked by someone you ended things with?

Probably not. Preferences aside, there is some evidence to suggest that following your ex on social media gets in the way of healing. The thing is, coming out of a relationship, EVERYTHING is super weighted. EVERYTHING means something, even if it “doesn ‘t mean anything. ‘ So liking a pic, not getting a follow back, not getting a comment, or getting too many comments, all of this can go sideways so fast.



Don ‘t.

But Jay? Keep it up, buddy.


Written and Created by Max Lesser
Jay/Ego: Max Lesser
Sam/Id: Lea Coco
Thomas/Superego: Andy Goldenberg
Director: Brad Morris
Assistant Director/Producer: Sara Gunderson
DP: Westley Gathright
Editor: Gabriel Cullen
Composer: Forest Christenson ‘
Sound Mixer: ‘Michael ‘Kool
1st AC: Joe Han
Gaffer: Hayden Klemes
PA: ‘Spencer Greller

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