By: Sloane Hughes

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Which Is Worse – “Deepfake ‘ Jennifer Lawrence/Steve Buscemi or David Schwimmer/Nic Cage?

People have so much time on their hands, man. Like just way too much. This is deeply cursed, and I don ‘t honestly know how to prep you for this so I ‘m just gonna come out and say it.

Someone shopped Steve Buscemi ‘s entire face onto a video of Jennifer Lawrence speaking at the Emmys using “deepfake ‘ technology. I don ‘t want to lie to you and say that I knew that was before I googled it, so I won ‘t. Basically, it ‘s used to superimpose videos and images onto each other to create new images and videos. And this one is… Really well done. It ‘s uncomfortably good. I ‘m actually deeply upset by how seamless it looks.

Feast your eyes.

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