By: Sloane Hughes

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‘Aladdin ‘s New Genie Really Blue Everyone ‘s Minds

Back in December we got a first look at Genie as played by Will Smith in the upcoming Aladdin remake directed by Guy Ritchie, and obviously people weren ‘t happy, because nobody ‘s ever happy.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

The first round of criticism came as a result of Genie not being blue, which is fair, because that ‘s part of his iconic look, so I get that. HOWEVER. If you ‘ll all recall, Genie also did take human form in the original cartoon so that he could blend in among the people of Agrabah, so it made sense that this live-action Genie would have an incognito form too, and obviously there was another, bluer Genie on the way. Disney wouldn ‘t do us dirty like that.

Cut to last weekend when Disney released the first trailer for the Aladdin reboot during the Grammy Awards, and sure enough, we got our blue Genie.


The people are not happy. Because nobody is ever happy.

You can tell where I stand on this issue, but I can ‘t deny that the response to the new blue Genie have been downright hilarious.

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