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A Zoo Will Feed A Cockroach Named After Your Ex For Valentine ‘s Day

Valentine ‘s Day is around the corner but it ‘s not all hearts and roses for everyone. If you ‘re single, this holiday can be rough if you ‘re going solo. I can tell you right now my hot date for the night is going to be a giant box of chocolates I shamelessly buy for myself. Sometimes you gotta be the one treat yourself to a romantic evening, right?

Well, if you ‘re going to be alone this Valentine ‘s Day and especially if you ‘re newly single or you ‘ve got some unresolved issues with an ex, I have excellent news for you. This year you can give yourself a V-Day gift that ‘s more satisfying than any box of chocolates and more beautiful than a dozen red roses.

The El Paso Zoo, in the most wonderful gift to the world, is offering to name a cockroach after your ex and feed it to a meerkat on livestream.

I don ‘t care how amazing your dinner date with your significant other is, literally NOTHING could be more satisfying than drinking a glass of wine in a candlelit room and watching a cockroach representation of your ex get absolutely mangled by a zoo animal. It takes a lot to make me weepy but that… that really brought a tear to my eye.

The event is called “Quit Bugging Me ‘ (get it) and all you have to do is hit ‘attend ‘ and message the zoo with the name of your ex, then kick back on February 14 and watch the magic happen.

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What's the perfect Valentine's Day gift? ?? Naming a cockroach after your ex, of course! Message us your ex's name and…

Posted by El Paso Zoo on ‘Monday, February 4, 2019

Give yourself something you really deserve this Valentine ‘s Day – give the sweet, sweet gift of symbolic (and petty) revenge.

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