By: Sloane Hughes

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Saskatchewan Man Gets Big Assman Truck Decal

There are a few basic truths in life. Truths like climate change is real, the world is round, and vanity plates are stupid. I don ‘t care if you ‘re a billionaire or a supermodel or the head of NASA, the fact remains that vanity plates are stupid.


A man named David from Saskatchewan, Canada has been repeatedly denied his request for a vanity plate bearing his last name, which is Assman. The request was denied on grounds of profanity, but come on, doesn ‘t everyone have the right to be proud of their name? I think so.

But don ‘t worry – he wasn ‘t going to let this stop him.

In a cheeky act of defiance, Assman decided to kick things up a notch. They might be able to deny him a license plate, but they cannot stop him from getting a

big ass(man) custom decal.

courtesy of David Assman via Facebook

This is a satisfying victory for Assman, and just goes to show you shouldn ‘t just take things sitting down.

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