By: Sloane Hughes

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A Petition to Sell Montana to Canada is Gaining Traction

As of last week, America ‘s national debt is up to $22 trillion – juuuust a little bit more than pocket change. Anyone who ‘s been in a financial jam will tell you one of the quickest solutions is selling of stuff you don ‘t need, so in that spirit, someone has started a petition on to sell Montana to Canada. Which makes sense, because what ‘s even in Montana anyway? When was the last time we used it? Doesn ‘t it kinda just sit there and collect dust?

Too much debt, and Montana to spare.

The most outlandish part of this entire thing is that the creator of this movement has valued the state of Montana at a whopping $1 trillion, which seems a bit high to me, even in this economy. But the petition has already reached almost 9,000 signatures and is still going strong, and regardless of what side of the border they ‘re on, most people seem to be in favor of this sale.

Some people have even decided to take this deal a step further.

But of course, there are those who aren ‘t on board with the idea.

What did beavers ever do to you?!

Listen, don ‘t take it personally, Montana. Desperate times call for desperate measures and sales of land.

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