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Why You Shouldn ‘t Date Someone Who Doesn ‘t Have Netflix

Jessie Jolles gets real about how to Netflix and chill with a date who doesn ‘t have an account. Spoiler alert: they ‘re psychos, get out of there now.


Modern dating is hard. Fortunately, Jessie Jolles has a few tips to help you find that special someone as part of her series It ‘s A Date! with Just For Laughs. In this episode, Jessie points out that you ‘d have to be an insane person not to have Netflix in 2019. It ‘s core to everything about unwinding and relaxing in our modern age. Sure, we may be watching documentaries about murderous psychopaths to unwind, BUT! If you aren ‘t spending your leisure time learning about the gruesome murders perpetrated by certified psychos on Netflix then obviously you are a certified psycho. It ‘s science, bitch.


Written & Created by Jessie Jolles, Pat Stango, & Clayton Gumbert
Starring Jessie Jolles
Directed by Danny Jolles

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