By: Sloane Hughes

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Genius Girl Scout Sells Cookies Featuring Shirtless Jason Momoa

There are five seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall, and Girl Scout cookies.

The Girl Scouts have been an institution in the world of yummy snack foods since 1917. That ‘s right folks, they ‘ve been selling cookies since before World War II. Through the Great Depression and fad diets, Girl Scouts cookies have beaten all sorts of odds.

They ‘ve capitalized on societal changes with ingenious sales tactics like setting up shop outside of weed dispensaries, but that seems a little obvious. If stoners won ‘t buy cookies then who will. One demographic which is tougher to crack, however, is the suburban mom. Whether it ‘s because they ‘re trying to get the family to eat better or their own kids are Girl Scouts and they ‘re just so sick of looking at the cookies, moms can be a tough market.

What are most moms sure to love though? Hot men.

Specifically, the current king of hot men, Jason Momoa.

So with this thought in mind, brilliant fifth-grader-turned-mom-whisperer Charlotte Holmberg of Colorado printed and cut out shirtless pictures of Jason Momoa and turned her boxes of cookies from samoas into Momoas. (get it?)

Because truthfully, meh, cookies are optional, but TOPLESS JASON MOMOA IS EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY NECESSARY.

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