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Quentin Tarantino Joins Wes Anderson for ‘Isle of Reservoir Dogs ‘

Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs) and Wes Anderson (Isle of Dogs) link up for the kind of heist movie that we really want to see right now: a stop-motion crime drama remix that combines Tarantino ‘s Reservoir Dogs and Anderson ‘s Isle of Dogs into The Isle of Reservoir Dogs.

Six ‘dogs with pseudonyms, and each ‘forced to overcome their instinct of stranger danger ‘on an island trash heap, try to carry out the perfect robbery of maggot-filled garbage food. The heist is ambushed by ‘animal control and the inadvertent appearance of a young boy. The gang of pooches ‘are ‘forced to ‘claw their way out, and at their ‘dump of a rendezvous, the canines discover their crew might have the last thing they ‘d expect: a rat. ‘


Quentin Tarantino might be obsessed (in a good way) with Samuel L. Jackson, into feet, and a little too-prone to say the n-word, but the guy can write dialogue that sizzles like Harvey Weinstein on the witness stand.

And Wes Anderson might dress like a college professor dating Anna Wintour, be long overdue for an Oscar, and be the king of magical pop music moments, but the man is ALSO the king of what the Smithsonian has labeled “fastidious whimsy ‘ ‘ ‘and this mash-up is a glorious combination of these two directors ‘ styles that I would pay cold, hard bitcoin to see.


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