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Finally (We Guess?): A Sex Doll You Can Eat

It ‘s here, and it ‘s gross. If you ‘re looking to try something new, then Dr. Richard Ticklish has just the thing: an erotic addition for your boom-boom time for the discerning man with lots of taste(buds).


Spicing things up in the bedroom is hard. You could engage in a vulnerable conversation about your turn-ons and fantasies with your partner, and listen with an open mind to what boundaries they ‘d like to test as well. Then, whether your ‘s or your partner ‘s taste ranges from the delightful to the dirty, or from the salty to the sweet, agree on a way to take steps in those directions while still feeling safe.

Or you could skip all that crap. And just get this edible sex toy. I mean one of flavors is Chicken Skin. What is more romantic than chicken skin?

This tasteful treat comes via Bad Duck Media.


Directed by Sam Haft
Written by Sam Haft, Tommy Kang, David Wall
Starring Sam Haft, Tommy Kang, Rosa Escandon
Produced by Sam Haft, Tommy Kang, David Wall

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