By: Sloane Hughes

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Schmidt Gifs to Help Get You Through the Rest of the Week

It ‘s Thursday folks, which means the week is almost over and even though we all had Monday off, doesn ‘t somehow seem like this week was thirty years long? How does that happen? Where did that work-free day even go? So to help you power you through the next 48 hours, who has more chaotic workaholic energy than Schmidt from New Girl.

To pump you up before that first cup of coffee

Even if maybe you ‘re not a fan of coffee

Hopefully your job doesn ‘t entail actually sticking your head into an open casket repeatedly but sometimes it can feel like it

UGH did the interns forget to take change the printer toner AGAIN?

And maybe you didn ‘t rehearse your Thursday presentation as well as you thought

But so what? You crushed it anyway

And now you have to act shocked to hear that word around the water cooler is Karen ‘s not up for that promotion anymore

You don ‘t have to act too humble though, come on – it ‘s almost the end of the week and you ‘re killing it. You can gloat a little

And before you know it, the work week ‘s over!

You know what that means.

It ‘s time to hunker down in your kimono and binge New Girl on Netflix alllllll weekend loooooong.

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