By: Tamara Yajia

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A Bot Reviews ‘A Star Is Born ‘

Hello I am a robot and I recently viewed the 2018 feature film, ‘A Star Is Born. ‘ Here is my review:

A star is born is a movie starring Lady Gag ‘ and Bardley Cooper. Lady Gaggle plays Allie, a waitress who has a really good voice unlike me. Everytime i sing i sound like Fred Flinstone when he says “Yaba Dababada Doo. ‘ The movie begins with Allie doing a poop in the bathroom.

We then meet Jack, played by Bradle Cooper. He is a very famous country singer who is rugged and fine A F and looks like a damn snack, but has problems with pills and booze and suffers from Tinnitus which is a shitty disease that makes you kind of deaf.

You can view the video form of my full review in the video above. I spent a long time on it and I hope you enjoy it.


Writer: Tamara Yajia
Writer: Ben Rosen
Producer: Darren Miller
Editor: Chris Greybill

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