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Ron Burgundy Wants To Talk Christmas All Year Long in The Ron Burgundy Podcast Episode 3

Sure, we might be a few months deep into the new year, with the holiday season firmly in our rear view. Does that mean Christmas is a completely off-limits subject? Not if you ‘re Ron Burgundy. In fact, if it were up to him, Christmas would be discussed all year round!

Ron and producer Carolina reminisce about their most cherished holiday memories: favorite gifts, favorite seasonal commercials, and of course favorite songs, including a few Ron Burgundy originals that are sure to become future classics.

They also go head-to-head over “Die Hard ‘ and its categorization as a Christmas movie. Admittedly, it ‘s less of of a debate, and more just Ron repeating the film ‘s most notable catch phrase over and over, but you get the idea.

They ‘re ‘ultimately joined in the studio by Andrew, a self-proclaimed “Christmas expert, ‘ who helps to keep the spirit of Christmas alive with ‘both Ron and Carolina.

So if ‘you ‘re looking for ways to keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long in ‘your ‘heart, start with your ears and give the latest episode a listen right now.

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