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This Is The Fyre Festival Documentary They Didn ‘t Want You To See

After Netflix and Hulu released their documentaries, Fyr3 steps into the Fyre Festival arena to complete the trilogy with a mostly crowdsourced documentary about everyone ‘s favorite disaster of a music festival. Featuring interviews with influencers Dolph Ziggler, Ken Bone and many more.

All footage used without permission,


There ‘s been a lot of coverage of the failed Fyre Festival, its founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, and the two documentaries that came out as a result, one at Hulu, the other at Netflix, but none of these have the incredibly realistic reenactments that pepper Joey Clift ‘s latest tour de force Fyr3: The Third (Mostly Crowdsourced) Fyre Festival Documentary, and for these gems and these alone this is now my favorite Fyre Festival documentary of all time.

And since Ja Rule has announced he ‘s planning some kind of Fyre Festival 2.0 (we wish this was a joke, but we ‘re glad it ‘s not), maybe we can expect regular documentaries of these crap smear festivals in perpetuity.


Directed by Joey Clift
Narrated by Joey Clift
Edited by Joey Clift
Soundtrack by Joey Clift
Written by Wikipedia
Fyr3 Theme written and performed by Rena Hundert

Featuring Appearances From These Influencers:

Dolph Ziggler ‘
Ken Bone
Ryan Nemeth
Rosa Pasquarella
Ty Matthews
Allie Kiekhofer
Andrea Listenberger
Ayla Glass
Benny Wayne Sully
Catherine Durickas
Chris Munroe
CK Kimball
Eleanor Race-Moore
Elyssa Phillips
Erik Fritts
Eugene Capon
Frankie Griffen
Geoffrey Golden
Hannah Martin
Hunter M. Altman
Ian Zandi
Jason Van Glass
Joe Dobbyn
Kaitlin Beauchemin
Katie Molinaro
Matt Harbert
Nick Gligor
Rob Schultz
Robin Lynn ‘
Theodore Amir
Sam Weller
Satya Vanii
Scott Davis
Siena East

Featuring Reenactments From:

Andra Moldav
Allie Kiekhofer
Becca Greenberg
Benny Wayne Sully ‘
Michael Salot
Catherine Durickas
Cory Jacob
Erika Curry
Kate Rappoport
Katy Dolle
Katie Cunningham
Kristina Felske
Robin Lynn
Jimmy P. Staley

Executive Producers / Investors:

Aysha Wax
Danny Amaral
Catherine Durickas
Diona Reasonover
Emily Champlin
Erik Fritts
Erika Curry
Eugene Capon
Eve Esquire
Iain Kerr
Gina Ippolito
Ian Zandi
Jeff Davidson
Joshua Fruhlinger
Kevin Keefe
Kristen Gull
Rena Hundert
Sam Weller
Vlad Perez
Winston Carter
Gene Augusto

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