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Oscars Speech Goes Too Long – 91st Academy Awards

There ‘s never enough time to say everything in your speech, but you can buy yourself a moment or two if you know the right tricks!


If you have an Academy Awards and don ‘t have a rousing emotional speech or a cringe-worthy WTF moment at the mic, did you really even have an Academy Awards? The Oscar acceptance speech, everyone. It ‘s a rough road to hoe.

You have less than 2 minutes to say something of substance. While some choose to be a voice for a bigger issue, say, calling attention to climate change or gender equality or gay rights, others basically read off their IMDbPro page.

Either way, Oscar speeches one of the main reasons to tune in, and In honor of this year ‘s Academy Awards, Variety put together a complete list of the most memorable speeches in Oscar history.

This Oscars parody video comes via the whimsical watercolorists at Wishful Genies.


Written by – Rob Michaels
Directed by – Rob Michaels
Co-directors – Kenzie Yango, Fady Ghali
AD – MK Morris
DOP – Kenzie Yango
Lighting – Robin Williams, Lindsay Murray
Stage Manager – Sam Polito
Sound Mixer – Blair Cooper
Edited by – Fady Ghali & Rob Michaels
Music Composed by – Joseph Reitz

Rob Michaels – Host
Fady Ghali – Fady (Oscar Winner)
Mike Mildon – Conductor
Zach Sommers – Security Guard

Janelle McGuinness – Flute
Danny Avila – Clarinet
Nicholas Curry – Violin #1
MK Morris – Violin #2
Sam Polito – Cello ‘
Jonathan Sohn – Trumpet #1
Shaina Follis – Trumpet #2
Cam Parkes – French Horn
Lindsay Murray – Trumpet

Bianca Flavelle – Rosa Rodriguez
Dalia Vainer – Valentina Petrov
Thomas Yeung – Tom Poon
Jackson Rowe – Dino Grigorious

Zac Flavelle – Rosa ‘s Date
Bradley Brooks – Valentina ‘s Date
Sarah Almeida – Tom ‘s Date
Bianca Algoni – Dino ‘s Date
Annie Eskandar – Fady ‘s Wife
James Chapman – Extra #1
Robin Williams – Extra #2
Georgios Phillips- Extra #3
Youstina Hanna – Extra #4
Jordan Sim – Extra #5

Special Thanks to Kyle Dooley & Paul Bates!

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