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This Movie Fan Hilariously Recreates 25 Scenes From The 2018 Oscar Films

In celebration of Oscars 2019, one overzealous movie-lover recreates 25 clips from his favorite movies of the year, and presents who he thinks should take home honors in the 91st Academy Awards.


This might be the first year that I ‘m really excited about the Academy Awards. There has been so much controversy leading up to the big night that I might actually watch it, instead of scrolling through Twitter for the hive mind ‘s live commentary. This will be, after all, the first Academy Awards in 30 years not to have a host. The show ‘s original pick, Kevin Hart, bowed out after serious blowback for some homophobic tweets, and what many saw was a lackluster attempt at an apology tour.

So instead of a host, we viewers will be faced with a gauntlet of presenters that includes Angela Bassett, Chadwick Boseman, Laura Dern, Samuel L. Jackson, Melissa McCarthy, and more. Oscars 2019 predictions aside, this will be the most unpredictable Academy Awards since that time people forgot how to read the winning envelopes.

This Oscars parody video comes via comedian Tommy Dickie.

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