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REVEALED: How Christian Bale Prepares For His Roles

This Christian Bale parody shows how Christian Bale prepares for any role. ‘How much weight should he lose or gain? ‘Do you like him better fat or skinny?


Christian Charles Philip Bale is many things. He ‘s an actor. He ‘s both a British citizen and an American citizen. He is a man with four names. But most of all he is famous for his intense method acting style, by which he completely transforms his body for his roles.

The Academy Award-winning actor has gone from skin and bones (The Machinist), to plump and tubby (American Hustle), to dayum who is that (The Dark Knight trilogy).

And in Vice, the Adam McKay-directed biopic of former Vice President Dick Cheney, Bale added over 40lbs to his usually athletic frame, particularly his diesel neck. That, plus the work of the Vice make-up artist Greg Cannom, completely erased Bale and left only the grimacing nightmare image of Dick Cheney.

Bit of acting awesomeness comes via the raucous ragamuffins at Royale Comedy.


Directed by Garrett Mendez

Royale is ‘

Danny Amaral
Darrin Bird
Jessica Rose Felix
Matt Harbert
Garrett Mendez
Sam Jae
Jason Shamai
Dana Vreede
Diana Wright
Anne Yatco
Anthony Owliaie
Erica Bardin
Megan Goldman
Directed by Joe Wagner

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