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You ‘ll Be #1 When You #2 With This Toilet Paper For Ladies, By Ladies

Women. We come in all different shapes and sizes. Different lives, different dreams, different needs. Isn ‘t it time our toilet paper did too?


As a woman, when I ‘m crunching a grumpy, whether at work, play, or just around the house, I often reflect that this (I ‘m referring to releasing a corn shark here) is truly one of life ‘s underrated pleasures. But there ‘s a catch. Because if you don ‘t have the right toilet paper, then sorry, but bye felicia (okerrrrr). Without that sweet relief and squeaky clean that comes from the perfect post-poo wipe down, putting up yet another piece of masterfece theater can just leave one feeling empty inside, but not the good kind of empty (like you feel after growling down a louisiana hot pocket).

Nope, not having the right toilet paper just leaves you feeling raw, and irritated, and most of all, not womanly. So thank you, Deuce!

This lump of love was pushed out by the super ladies over at Lady Show.


Written & Performed by
Diana Bang
Morgan Brayton
Fatima Dhowre
Katie-Ellen Humphries

Directed, Shot & Edited By Darren Borrowman

Additional Camera, Lighting and Sound by Coenraad Been

Special Thanks to:
Michele Brayton, Soo Jeong, Daniel Chai, Brian Nicol, Kevin McKeown, Amelie Love, Madeline Angel, The Arts Factory, Bunbury, Tom Belding

Includes music under the following Creative Commons licenses:

Public Domain (CC 0) ‘
Loyalty Freak Music – Can ‘t Stop my Feet

Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC By 3.0)
Greg Atkinson – The path that leads us home (instrumental)

Attribution – Non Commercial 4.0 International (CC by-NC 4.0) ‘
Scott Holmes – Driven to Success
Scott Holmes – Aspire ‘

Licenses & music available @

Produced with the co-operation of the Union of BC Performers

Copyright 2019 The Lady Show & Borrowtime Films

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