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A Florida Man Debunks The Myth Of ‘Florida Man ‘

Stop blaming Florida for Florida Man!


Florida Man is a thing. There ‘s a subreddit dedicated to it. There ‘s a Twitter account. It even has its own Wikipedia page. And a quick Google of the phrase “florida man ‘ reveals this new (as of the time of this writing) headline: Florida man arrested for throwing cookie at girlfriend. So yeah, dude ‘s been busy.

While the meme imagines “Florida Man ‘ to be one individual who is, according to the Twitter account that started the whole thing, the “World ‘s Worst Superhero, ‘ in reality, all of these morons are different specific people, some of whom are not even FROM Florida (fair point). But wherever these strange sources of local news hail from, the fact is a lot of them do their weird, weird stuff IN Florida, which led Desi Lydic from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to investigate and interview actual, real-life Florida men. Conclusion? Heat + Humidity + Alcohol = The Crazy. Like, you know, asking cops to test one ‘s illegal drugs, or driving your Ferrari off a pier.

This piece of Florida foolery comes to you via the comedic stylings of Danny Bevins.


Written and created by Danny Bevins

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