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This Documentarian Has The Worst Luck In His Town

Jeffery Williams, amateur documentarian, is applying to film school. Why should you pick him? Well, check out these videos he made about the people in his town. We think you ‘re going to like them. ‘ ‘


Jeffery Williams is an intrepid, steadfast, paragon of perseverance. Here ‘s why. To start, let ‘s ponder an important question: Are his documentaries, the outcome of which he ‘s invited the world to use as the basis for his acceptance to film school, any good? To that we say, WRONG question, mesdames et messieurs!

Because that question, while important, isn ‘t the REAL question. The real question is actually a series of questions. How is Jeffery choosing his subjects? Why is his town so full of people don ‘t understand how things like “picture ‘ or “sound ‘ or “recording ‘ work? Why is Jeffery always short-sleeved button down shirts? Does he know he ‘s also wearing a hat 83% of the time? These questions, the real questions, go, sadly, maddeningly, unanswered in this mockumentary series from Devin and Kristina Comedy. But that doesn ‘t mean we love them any less.

This slice of life comes to you via the power pair of Devin and Kristina Comedy.

Check out episodes 2 and 3 in their The Life We ‘re Living series below.

The Life We ‘re Living #2: Quiet Woman

The Life We ‘re Living #3: The Mayor


Starring: Kristina Grosspietsch, Devin O ‘Neill & Michael Delisle ‘
Written By: Kristina Grosspietsch & Devin O ‘Neill
Directed By: Lanee ‘ Sanders ‘
Director of Photography: Patrick Nichols ‘
Assistant Director: Michelle Hess ‘
Sound: Michelle Hess
PA: Dave Delisle & Courtney Delisle ‘
Edited By: Julienne Jones

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