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This Anthem To Crocs Will Get You Through The Day In Style

Yes, I love crocs, and I will not stop till everyone knows that I love crocs. If there are any other croc lovers out there that love crocs, spread the love and share this crocs song I made with the world! Together we can spread crocs across all nations and peoples. Anyways, this is a student project of mine, not sponsored by crocs, but we made it anyways because, crocs. Did I mention i love crocs?


Hey, Hey, etc.
What you sayin you don ‘t rock them crocs, what
What you sayin you don ‘t rock them socks, what
What you sayin you don ‘t rock my style, as I walk down the aisle, lookin juvenile

(Verse 1)
What you sayin, that I don ‘t have a clue, when I walk in a room
Wearing nurses shoes
Farmers boots
Dad shoes ‘ ‘
Walmart lookin dress suit ‘

I don ‘t get it, why you worried bout me
I wear my crocs when I want
Call me carefree

Got my black ones on church days
Brown on work days
Grey on Mondays
Blue when I partays

Just do a little itty bitty search on the google google engine
Crocs makin a comeback, so baby come back it ‘s time for celebration
Everybody everywhere, and every home
Got their favorite pair of crocs made of croslite foam

So get out my way as I get my fix
Put my clogs on display like they old relics
Any day of the year, you can predict
That I ‘m walkin ‘ in your house with my two croc kicks

(Chorus 2x)
I rock, rock, I rock them crocs
Cause I
And I
When I

(Verse 2)
Whatchu doin standing there with them nikes on
Whatcha doin sellin ‘ out for a pair of Lebrons
Watcha waiting in line, for all them dollar signs
Whatchu killin ‘ yourself just to catch them eyes

Get a pair crocs, for only 30 bucks
Any pair you want, and leave them awestruck
This ain ‘t no GQ wedding, so show me what you got
This ain ‘t no Big Shot meeting, so show me what you bought

I think a little better when I feel a little better when I ‘m walkin ‘ down the street
I think it gets a little better when you feel a little breeze breeze on your feet
Wind Breeze on your feet, that ‘s something you cannot beat
Give your feet a comfy treat. No one else here can compete.

They may not make you look fitted
People may not permit it
But if you are committed
You will be benefited
And if I have to admit it
I think you ‘ll find you ‘ll like it
If you just try to try it
I ‘d bet you ‘d get it.

I ‘m on the side feet and everybody knows
I ‘m on the side beats and everybody goes

(Chorus 2x)
I rock, rock, I rock them crocs
Cause I
And I
When I


Crocs are making more strides in the music world. And not just the soulful warbling mumble rap of Post Malone, whose Croc collabs sell out in minutes. If it seems like new Crocs news is constantly clogging your newsfeed, it ‘s because it is. The company is moving headquarters and is back on Wall Street ‘s nice list.

This majestic melody comes via the laudable lyricist MJHanks.


Michael Hanks
Instagram: @mhanksta

Peter Molnar
Instagram: @molnart_

Derrick Trotman
Instagram: @derricktrotman

Sumner Mahaffey
Instagram: @sumnermahaffey

Zach Olsen
Instagram: @zacmedia

Director: Michael Hanks
Producers: Michael Hanks, Peter Molnar
Director of Photography: Derrick Trotman
Song Writer/Producer/Performer: Michael Hanks
Art Director: Peter Molnar
Editor: Michael Hanks
Colorist: Zach Olsen
VFX Artists: Michael Hanks, Peter Molnar
Choreographer/Movement Coach: Sumner Mahaffey
Assistant Cameraman: Derek Steele, Caroline Burke

Special Thanks:
Justin Ahlmann – Owner of the RED Monstro

Creations Dance Theatre – Shoe store dance crew

Velour – Concert Venue

Runner ‘s Corner – Shoe Store

Red Finch Rental – Grip, Lighting, and other fun gear

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