By: Sloane Hughes

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There ‘s a Twitter Account Dedicated to Terrible Jokes Written by Kids and it ‘s SO Good

Kids can say some things that are truly beautiful and poetic, even sometimes profound. Whether it ‘s from a viral social media post or your friend who has a four-year-old, it seems like most people who spend enough time around children have a story about the time said child looked at a daisy and spouted some random bit of wisdom you wouldn ‘t expect them capable of.

This is not like that.

On both twitter and on popular blog site tumblr exists a page dedicated to jokes written by the youngest minds in comedy, and they ‘re SO HILARIOUSLY BAD.

The comedic style of each submission varies quite a lot

Some of the kids are into one-liners

(A little aggressive if you ask me but to each their own)

Some of them stuck to more traditional ask-and-answer formats

A few tried their tiny hands at narrative style jokes

And some were even brave enough to try and rewrite a classic

You gotta give these kids props for trying, but at the same time – they definitely shouldn ‘t quit their day jobs, erm, I mean kindergarten.

And if you can ‘t get enough of these jokes, you ‘re in luck! As well as online, they ‘re available in book form on Amazon.

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