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Bobby Moynihan Was Born A 36-Year-Old Man, Now Never Ages

Bobby Moynihan was never a toddler. Check out his Camp Confession with host Shannon Coffey to hear more.


Bobby Moynihan is one of the funniest people around, but sadly, in this video, he gets fake burned from a fake fire while roasting (it appears) real marshmallows. Please, please, please, do your part and help this grown toddlerman recover from his fake injury and learn some new confessions from Bobby Moynihan ‘s troubling, dangerously sexy past. Facts like:

  • Bobby Moynihan had a roommate in college
  • Bobby Moynihan went to a college, and he paid for it, and they let him say
  • Said roommate couldn ‘t eat peanut butter if he was wearing socks.

Why? You ‘ll have to find out from Mr. Moynihan yourself.

This campfire chronicle comes to you via the BUILD series Camp Confessions.

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Hosted by Shannon Coffey

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