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This Is Proof Mrs. Maisel Makes A Delightful Superhero

As the Avengers and their allies face yet another world-ending, apocalyptic showdown, they find an unexpected superhero in the making to join their ranks: Miriam “Midge ‘ Maisel, the delightful, fast-talking, Jewish, and impeccably dressed housewife turned comic and makeup countergirl living in 1950 ‘s New York City. In between open mic sets, helping Lenny Bruce, and (barely) mothering her two children, Mrs. Maisel joins Iron Man, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Captain America, and the rest of the heroes to battle dangers large and small, when- and wherever they may lurk in the universe.


This video is the perfect distillation of why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is so much fun. Because you can take a character like Miriam Maisel and place her in the ranks alongside these larger-than-life superheros and she actually feels at home. Like she can actually keep Tony Stark in check. And when compared to, cough, other comic universes out there, cough, the MCU is simply the kind of party I want to hang at until the wee hours. Because there ‘s something fun, and cool, and scary, and funny in every room. Plus, Tony Shalhoub.


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