By: Sloane Hughes

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Jack Black Recreates Chris Hemsworth ‘s Insane Workout – Totally Nails It, Inspires Millions

Okay, we get it, fit people of the internet. You can do cool stuff like make it look like you ‘re walking up invisible stairs while you do chin-ups, or walk up actual stairs without having to catch your breath, and I ‘m happy for you, I am, but also? Can you go a day without making me feel like a sack of shit every time I open instagram? Your workout routines are cool and all but being constantly reminded that I ‘m not a demi-god can be a LITTLE BIT MUCH AFTER A WHILE.

And it looks like I ‘m not the only one who feels this way.

It seems that comedy icon Jack Black was scrolling through his instagram feed, came across Chris Hemsworth ‘s most recent workout video which shows how the Prince of Asgard stays as insanely ripped as he is, and decided to give it a go himself.

It ‘s basically exactly the same – except he uses tiny weights and hams it WAY the hell up. This is the first time I ‘ve seen an exercise inspo video on instagram and actually benefited from it, because laughing this hard was a great workout.

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