By: Sloane Hughes

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Ruin Everyone ‘s Day and Inspire Nightmares With Custom Masks of Your Own Pet

It ‘s hard to describe what it ‘s like to love a pet to someone who ‘s never had one, but we do our best. Usually by flooding our social media feeds with photos of our furry babies in the same obnoxious way people with actual babies do and doing things like adding “dog mom ‘ to our tinder bios (not that I would ever do that).
But maybe that ‘s not enough for you. Maybe your love for your pet is so strong you need a bigger way to show it. Custom shirts? Hmm.. No. Bigger. What about turning their likeness into a pair of slippers? No, bigger.



courtesy of Grape Japan

Finally, an answer to the question, “have you ever loved your pet so much you want to wear their taxidermied skull? ‘ Well you ‘re in luck, thanks to a partnership between two Japanese companies, Shindo Rinka and 91, you can make your psychopathic dreams a reality. After your photo is uploaded, they don ‘t just make your pet into a gigantic mask that LOOKS like your pet, but it even has fur and whiskers, y ‘know, for the full effect. The only minor bump in the road here is these masks will set you back about $2,700, but I think that ‘s a small price to pay for the chance to express how much you adore your cat or dog in a way that also says, “it puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose. ‘

The full, deeply horrifying process is detailed here.

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