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Birth control and ice cream come together at last

Now there ‘s a birth control you ‘ll never forget, because it tastes so good, you ‘ll want to eat it every day. Introducing H ‘agen-Yaz. For the first time ever, women can obtain affordable birth control in the form of their favorite ice cream.

It ‘s also friggin ‘ delicious.


I applaud this product. Have I used it? No. But ‘ as someone who has forgotten to take the pill, I like to imagine this product actually existing, and I would leave many positive reviews at my local pharmacy ‘s Facebook page.

But I do wonder where it leads, and hopefully it leads to no more people having sex and therefore no more babies and therefore we don ‘t destroy the earth. I mean besides the fact that there is evidence that indicates hormonal birth control may negatively affect libido in women, once we ‘re all bloated and farting endlessly from so much ice cream you can be damn sure we ‘re aren ‘t getting it on.

And sure, we might be pooping crystals at that point (thanks for the heads up H ‘agen-Yaz!) but at least the Earth won ‘t be mad at us anymore.

This scoop of goodness hits your eyeballs via the sketch group Thunderdog.


Written & Directed by Sarah Cho
DP: Mike Abbate
Assistant Camera: Derek Scully
Sound: Matt Ware
Script Supervisor: Emma Ramirez
Editor: Derek Scully

Team Director: Niv Brook

Becca Greenberg
Caitlin Linden
Katie Dahlson
Drew Francis
Gretchen Burnton
Mike Abbate
Melissa Panganiban
Derek Scully

Made for Sketch Night at The Pack Theater in Los Angeles

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