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Lasers! Power! Dancing! Bill Nye Helps Reveal This Year ‘s EDC Las Vegas And We ‘re AMPED, People

Insomniac Founder Pasquale Rotella and Bill Nye “the Science Guy ‘ link up at Insomniac HQ for a very special theme reveal for EDC Las Vegas 2019. ‘

And the theme is… kineticENERGY!

Pasquale and Bill discuss the science behind the 360-degree sensory experience that is EDC, and how going kinetic with tens of thousands of other ravers and the best artists in the world makes you feel, you know, pretty good.

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas takes place May 17 ’19, 2019. ‘

EDC Las Vegas 2019 tickets are on sale now.

In the words of Insomniac Events:


I love Bill Nye. And I especially love Bill Nye dropping some physics knowledge with intercuts of lasers, lights, beautiful writhing bodies, and insanely catchy dance bangers. Forget about the fact that the knowledge is extremely rudimentary because, let ‘s face it, I had totally forgotten about the two kinds of energy and know you did to (it ‘s kinetic and potential, right?). The festival looks dope af, quite possibly as dope as Pasquale ‘s office.

This righteous rave reveal comes via the electroscience gurus over at Insomniac.

Now here ‘s our favorite gif from this gem.

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