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21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week That Will Make You Appreciate Life

Ah, life. You are one fickle beast. Some days you ‘re a sumptuous breakfast sandwich we can ‘t get enough of, while other days you ‘re stale bun hugging a runny egg and limp bacon that leaves us smelling like overburned cooking oil. But here ‘s the weird thing. Even when it ‘s bad, it ‘s pretty good, because we ‘re above ground and things like gifs exist. And this was quite a week for gifs.

That ‘s right It ‘s freakin ‘ Friday. And you know what that means. It ‘s time for the best gifs of the week. This week brings a bevy of amazing gifs, featuring dancing children, a funny-when-it ‘s-wrong cheese incident, the pizza intern, aspirational raccoons, sneaky leaf monsters, near misses, and overly-curious chickens.

If you ‘re new to Funny Or Die, each week, Funny Or Die skims the great Internet ocean to bring you the week ‘s funniest gifs. It ‘s a dang good dump of sweet sweet relief and a reminder that there ‘s hilarious, straight up good stuff going on in the world (and basically the way we stay sane over here) despite the news of the day.

Without further ado, here are the best gifs of all time of the week.

This dancing chick gets a reminder to focus the heck up

Move your ass, Karen! from funny

The infamous pizza intern realizes his mistake

This funny-when-it ‘s-wrong answer to the question of what to do when you have both a slice of cheese and a baby (aka

Get ready to learn math

The sneak level has no equal

Ninja kitten sneaked up another kitten from gifs

It ain ‘t easy being this beautiful

When I’m drinking and my crush looks over from aww

mAn bRuTaLlY wHiPs TiNy FuRrY aSsIsTaNtS

My new morning routine. Updated using speed lacing method. from aww

This skydiver does the impossible

We ‘ve all been here.

I felt this one… from aww

The cat is me, and the puppies are my to-do list

[opens bag of fresh popcorn]

Very intense match from funny

Against all odds

This high ambitious raccoon from funny

This is how I work out

Doin a little spliiiish sploosh from aww

This dog broke the world record for a frisbee catch

The cast of ‘Brooklyn 99 ‘ on hearing the news they are renewed for season 7

Am I doing this right?

This has so many layers

security camera from gifs

Wait for it

No no no no no no no….

You know where this is going

Bookmark material for your next edible

Shaking a glass of superviscious fluid from

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