By: Sloane Hughes

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This Woman Perfectly Portrays Literally Every Hollywood Stereotype

In honor of Women ‘s History Month which began today, let ‘s talk about women ‘s roles in film. Things are definitely moving in the right direction, more and more women are getting leading roles and making waves in the film world. However, the truth is the overwhelming majority of women in movies are cast into the same clich ‘ roles and their characters aren ‘t written with much depth. This is an idea that one woman has had enough of, so she decided to explore it in a truly hilarious way.

Meet Natalie Walker.

Natalie is a performer, writer, and all around funny lady who put together a series of “audition ‘ tapes for a myriad of cookie cutter women ‘s characters in a twitter thread. Each video is so spot on – she brilliantly summarizes these clich ‘s in (usually) under one minute, and they ‘re as entertaining as they are eye-opening.

1. Lady who represents a rough past that Noble Male Hero is striving not to repeat

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