By: Sloane Hughes

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This Girl ‘s Narwhal Themed Star Wars Comic Is Everything We Need, Nay, DESERVE

There have been countless Star Wars parodies over the years, from Spaceballs to a series of Lego short films to Family Guy, we ‘ve seen just about every take on the galaxy far, far away imaginable.

Or so I thought.

One young girl may have just conceptualized the ULTIMATE Star Wars parody. The daughter of Two and a Half Men and Pretty In Pink star Jon Cryer is starting her writing career quite young, as he revealed in a tweet. Her first comic book project is a combination of Star Wars and narwhals, titled, you guessed it:

NARWARS: the Tale of Narth Veader.



Clearly talent runs in the family and Jon was kind enough to tease us with the first page of his daughter ‘s masterpiece, and all I gotta say is GIVE. US. NARWARS.

We only got six panels and already I can tell this reboot is destined for an Oscar, and I ‘m not the only one that feels that way. It ‘s already picking up steam from some big names in the comic and film industries, like best Chuck Wendig who wrote an award winning Star Wars novel in 2015 and other notable authors

Everyone ‘s on board with this and it ‘s clear this is the Star Wars version that the world has been waiting for

It ‘s only in the beginning stages, of course, but some people already even have suggestions that are golden and extremely necessary

It ‘s only a matter of time before someone from Disney and Lucasfilm sees this, and I ‘ve mentally already bought tickets

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