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The Game Of Thrones Trailer Is Finally Here And Everybody ‘s Going Nuts

Well, folks, winter is finally here and it ‘s gonna be a doozy. No, not actual winter, GAME OF THRONES WINTER, HELL YEAH! It ‘s been two long years since we ‘ve had dragons and frozen undead dudes and Jon Snow ‘s luscious, luscious locks on our screens and we honestly couldn ‘t be more excited if Daenerys Stormborn came to our front door to deliver the new trailer herself. Okay, well, maybe then we ‘d be a little more excited.

If you haven ‘t seen the trailer yet WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? HERE IT IS. GO GO GO

Everyone is amped the hell up and ready to throw down to save their favorite characters

And because this show has turned us all into sadistic war-hungry monsters obviously everyone ‘s got a few characters they can ‘t wait to see killed off


I mean this seems a little harsh but also they ‘re not wrong

And of course… everyone is preparing for the reality that is George R. R. Martin is a loose cannon willing to KILL OFF EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER

And even though we only got like, 2 minutes of footage the fan theories are already in full swing

(Okay, this one is a joke but could you imagine)

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