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The Last Blockbuster Has A Twitter Account And It ‘s As Funny And Depressing As You ‘d Expect

So just to refresh everyone ‘s memories it ‘s the year 2019. VHS hasn ‘t been a thing in a very long time. In fact, physical copies of movies at all haven ‘t been a relevant thing in a very long time. Does anyone even own a blu-ray player anymore? Whether it ‘s Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime or CraveTV (shout out to Canada) everything is digital now. My parents still have a VCR but I honestly think there ‘s probably vines growing over it at this point.

This shift from VHS and DVDs has been a positive one, who misses having stacks and stacks of them and opening your favorite movie case to find out that your jerk roommate borrowed it and didn ‘t put it back?? Nobody. However, one surprisingly depressing result of the End of the Age of VHS is the hundreds upon hundreds of sad abandoned Blockbuster Video stores.

Like… SERIOUSLY depressing.

Moment of silence for my childhood please

But for if you still have a sense of nostalgia for Blockbuster, don ‘t worry, it ‘s moved into the computer age – sort of.

The last known Blockbuster has its own twitter account, and it ‘s perfect. The parody account tweets everything you ‘d imagine the last remaining survivor of its kind to tweet, from instance it ‘s go-to movies are predictably the ones that were popular back in it ‘s heyday – obviously still its biggest sellers.

However they have apparently been trying to modernize, so A for effort

And they do make some compelling arguments for themselves

Checkmate, Redbox

Hmm. That ‘s an idea

They ‘re trying their best ok

Look I don ‘t necessarily agree with this angle but I mean… they have a point

Staff morale at the last Blockbuster seems to be wearing thin, however

Oof, your movie rental comes with a free existential crisis

COLLEEN you dumb idiot

No, Colleen, it was because a Canadian swindled you for Jujubes


You should check out all of their tweets because they are hilarious but if you can ‘t be bothered, the entire account can basically be summarized with this:

Although the account was started in 2016, as of March 3 2019 the second last Blockbuster ever, located in Australia, is now closed. So that means this twitter account – while a parody – now actually symbolizes the real last remaining Blockbuster.

Stay strong, soldier.

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