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This Puppet Loses His Virginity To Awesome Dance Music And We Have Questions

“First Time ‘ pays homage to one of the most impactful experiences in an individual ‘s life: losing one ‘s virginity. Now, on the surface, the storyline speaks for itself, but as you dive deeper, the song and video help define much more about the human condition.

There is a softness and delicacy in all of us, and when we encounter new experiences of any magnitude, and we ‘re often changed for the better. “First Time ‘ highlights the adventure of every first, and demands you relish in the moment. Also a puppet has sex in it, which I should mention.


There are many things to love about this, but what especially sticks is how weirdly uncomfortably funny this piece is and the risks it takes. Couple that with a song that comes party ready and has that new-new shine on it, and this is a video that I am both proud and afraid to watch at the same time.

Because at it ‘s heart there ‘s nothing inherently odd about the on-screen portrayal of a tender night of lovemaking between two consenting entities. (After all, humans have been having sex with all kinds of weird objects, including toys with warning labels you just don ‘t want to see.) But we still have questions about this human-puppet love, specifically two:

  • I also own a track suit, but I haven ‘t been able to meet attractive singles in my area. So, tiny puppet man, what am I doing wrong? My track suit is yellow??
  • I couldn ‘t help but notice that your mother was waiting for you the next morning. Where as my mother tragically died in a lobster fire. Any advice???

This romantic interlude comes to you via LMNOP MUSIC.


LMNOP – First Time (feat. Joseph Luca & Gaspard Murphy)

Directed by ‘
Basil Mironer and LMNOP

Katherine Akmajki ‘
Zach Schwartz ‘
Althea Schwartz
Joe Scolari
Joe Annabi as Lil Z

DP ‘ Mitch Arens
AC ‘ Eung-Jin Lee
Edited by Aleksandar Marinovich
Sound Mixing by Benjamin Mironer
Colorist – Jenn Gittings

Puppet by @RADPUPPETS aka Nate Hernandez and Rachel Burson

Song by LMNOP Feat Joseph Luca & Gaspard Murphy

Concept by LMNOP ‘

Thank you to all the partygoers
Jonny Garciaros
Ryan Rogalski
Flavia Watson
Jordan Brown
Madeline Spooner
Vincent Balbo
Teddy Roxpin
Kelsey Lynd
Tiara Jackson
Jacob Deimler ‘
Sheldon Monsegue ‘
Laura Jean Anderson
David Borowski
Robert Shelby
Ernie Long
Hayden Ezzy
Benjamin Crowell

A special thank you to Sara Jo Nelson for letting us film in her space

Produced by Mirage Studio LLC

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