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When Your Driver Won ‘t Stop Talking About North Korea

Every time Donald Trump gives a speech, there ‘s a profoundly uncomfortable feeling that washes over you – a feeling that ‘s familiar, but hard to place. Is it Deja Vu? Have you been here before? What is he talking about? How is he simultaneously the person who is supposed to be speaking as President of The United States of America, and the person who makes all of these insane claims about North Korea?

You have felt this way before, and it ‘s your cab driver. The one who won ‘t shut up about some conspiracy theory he fell into on youtube, and the guy he knows who verified the whole thing. He can ‘t shut up, and you can ‘t move. And yet, you also can ‘t look away. Time has stopped, and for the length of this car ride, you ‘re stuck figuring out how to make sense of it all…somehow.

Well now you can relive this pain any time you want, because we ‘ve taken Trump ‘s actual words and rendered the scene playing out in your subconscious in beautiful 3D animation! Enjoy!

Actor: Kia Reghabi
Writer: Ben Rosen
Director/Animator: Bryan Wieder

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