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New Danish Medical Study Finds, To Literally No One ‘s Surprise, That Vaccines Still Don ‘t Cause Autism

Man, I am so tired of anti-vaxxers.

I don ‘t know if you ‘ve been paying attention for the last, oh, couple decades but we ‘ve got a lot on our collective plate these days, guys. The planet is warming, the bees (and roughly a third of the rest of life on earth) are dying, Nazis have made a comeback, Trump is still somehow the president which is bad news for the planet and the bees but a big up for the Nazis, and I ‘ve had What ‘s New Pussycat by Tom Jones stuck in my head since 7am this morning. Okay, so that last one ‘s really just a bummer for me, but you get my point.

With all of this going on, you know what we really, really don ‘t need? Idiots refuting medical science. Remember the good old days when we didn ‘t have to worry about measles or polio or like, the bubonic plague? How incredibly effed up is it that we have to reminisce on those days now? Didn ‘t we like JUST get rid of all this shit? And all of that was undone in such an insanely short amount of time thanks to the efforts of one human equivalent of pondscum, Dr. Andrew Wakefield. This absolute degenerate was the first to claim that vaccines cause autism, and then was refuted by pretty much the entire medical community. But his legacy spread, MUCH like a disease, and was carried on by thousands of parents who read a few facebook posts and idiocy spouted from the mouths of celebrity anti-vaxxers and have decided that they know better than doctors. So things like measles are back! Measles and Nazis! What a time to be alive.

So, here we are folks, we now have ANOTHER study proving that once again, anti-vaxxers (who should actually be called pro-diseasers) are so WILDLY wrong.

This decade long study from Denmark involving over half a million children was just released, and, you ‘re never gonna guess what they found out – VACCINATIONS DON ‘T CAUSE AUTISM.

You can read the full study here and I encourage you to do so, but if you ‘re finding it a little dry, here ‘s all you need to take away from it:


Because echinacea and prayers aren ‘t gonna protect your kids!

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