By: Kelci Grammar

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This Nostalgic Compilation of White Boys Winning Board Games Is RIDICULOUS

If you grew up in the 80 ‘s or 90 ‘s one thing that you undoubtedly experienced was the insane amount of board game commercials on tv. Like, seriously, why were there so many? And they were all so aggressive? Why were there so many crazy camera zooms and blindingly bright colors? Apparently to sell games that involve sitting in a chair the trick is to make them look like extreme sports sponsored by Pixy Stix.

One thing that you might also remember from every board game commercial was that the winner, no matter what game, was always a little white boy with a blond bowl cut who seems like the type of kid who would 100% bite someone at a birthday party. Even in fictional board game universes, white guys always come out on top.

Don ‘t believe me? Check it out

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