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Bob Costas Finds Out Who Gave Him That Olympics Pink Eye In The New Trailer For ‘Brockmire ‘ Season 3

Change is hard, and turning one ‘s life around after a lifelong habit is monumental. Nevertheless, that ‘s exactly what Jim Brockmire appeared to stumble upon last season in Brockmire when he finally got serious about going to rehab. So things would get better, right? Brockmire, who is ‘ in the words of Bob Costas a “grade-A asshole ‘ ‘ would curb his worse antics and get a hold of himself.

If you think that could possibly be true then you don ‘t know squat about Jim Brockmire. Produced by Funny Or Die, Brockmire portrays a man of many talents but he ‘s unable to turn off said talents. And that means whether he ‘s calling a baseball game, insulting a coworker, or guzzling whiskey, the guy simply GOES. ALL. IN.

In the new trailer for season 3, which takes place three months after his stint in rehab, we find the announcer doing play-by-play on the radio for the majors in central Florida and doing a passable job at keeping his brazen and narcissistic tendencies in check, despite his sobriety. The third season story kicks off when Jim and Gabby get the chance to take over as lead broadcasters in Oakland.

Of course, this season Hank Azaria is back, along with Amanda Peet as the hard-drinking Jules, along with Tawny Newsom and Tyrell Jackson Williams. The trailer showcases some of the awesome guest stars this season, including Richard Kind, Linda Lavin, Martha Plimpton, J.K. Simmons, Christine Woods and Becky Ann Baker. ‘

We also finally see Bob Costas ‘ reaction to learning that Jim was behind his Sochi Olympics pink eye.

Brockmire, which was renewed for seasons 3 and 4 at IFC, ?originally ‘appeared as a Funny Or Die sketch called Gamechangers Ep 3: A Legend In The Booth with Hank Azaria.

The new season of Brockmire premieres Wednesday, April 3 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on IFC and, knowing just how brutal Brockmire can be when he ‘s living life through the bleary haze of alcohol, season 3 promises even more amazing foul-mouthed antics as “new Jim. ‘

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