By: Sloane Hughes

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Tell People Off In A Creative (And Tasty) Way With This Phallic Chocolate

I think most of us have a few people in our lives that we ‘d like to tell off. Like really just let them have it. Whether it ‘s your in-laws, your boss, or your neighbor who ‘s built like a refrigerator and plays obnoxiously loud music well into the night, expressing the sentiments in your heart of hearts isn ‘t always the wisest decision. But don ‘t you deserve to say how you feel every now and then? Isn ‘t freedom of expression a right that you deserve to exercise? I think so.

But wouldn ‘t it be great if you could tell people off and stay anonymous? And wouldn ‘t it be even better if you could do it in a way that ‘s also hilarious? Well, folks, do I have news for you.

What ‘s a better way to tell someone to eat a dick than by gifting them a dick they can eat?

This company, aptly named Dick At Your Door, will send a giant chocolate dick to “anyone in the world ‘ – and you even have the option to stay anonymous.

Isn ‘t that just poetic???

There ‘s four options to choose from

The Don

The Cherry Blossom (how pretty is that box though)

The Happy Birthday Dick, because simply saying “happy birthday ‘ is so dull

And The White Walker – which is the perfect way to get into the Game of Thrones spirit

But if telling someone to “eat a dick ‘ isn ‘t really your style, don ‘t worry! They ‘ve also got a way for you to say

Eat Shit

Ahh, retribution has never been so sweet.

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