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Flat-Earthers Accidentally Prove The Earth Is Round And Own Themselves So Hard

There are few things more satisfying in life than watching dumb people be the cause of their own destruction. Getting to witness an idiot ‘s downfall without anyone else having to lift a finger is just so beautifully poetic, and the documentary Behind the Curve provides some of the best self-owns I have ever seen in my entire goddamn life, so get ready.

It ‘s hard to believe that Behind the Curve is a real documentary released in the year 2019 but here we are. Flat-earthers are unfortunately alive and well. The only thing harder to believe is that they actually went through with releasing it after they kicked their own ass with science, not once, but TWICE.

That ‘s right.
They proved the Earth is round.
With science.

One of the experiments (which is actually at the end of the doc so I ‘m working backwards here and you ‘ll see why) involves a famous flat-earth YouTuber, Jeran Campanella, attempting to shine a light at two points the same distance off the ground. The idea was that if the height from the middle of the light to the ground was a different measurement, then that would prove the ground between both points had a curve. I ‘ll spare you the details, all you have to know is he tries a bunch of times but he can ‘t get it to work.

So he tries another experiment. This time he cuts holes in two boards, places them both so the holes are 17ft off the ground, and tries to shine a light through them. So the thinking here is he would only have to hold the light 17ft off the ground, because there ‘s no curve in the Earth, because it ‘s flat.

Except it ‘s not, and he ends up having to hold the light 23ft off the ground.

Because the ground has a curve.

Because the Earth is a globe.

Amazingly, he only has one thing to say after his own experiment literally proves him wrong.



This next one, hoooo my god you guys, this next one. It ‘s so good. Bit of background: a gyroscope measures angular velocity and is used in airplanes to maintain their orientation and make sure they stay upright. If the Earth is round, like thousands of years of science and literally anyone with half a brain will tell you, then that means that in order to make a full rotation in 24 hours, would need to turn at a rate of 15 degrees per hour. So YouTuber Bob Knobel ‘buys one of these bad boys and turns it on, and you are never gonna guess what happened.

The gyroscope picked up a drift of – wait for it – 15 degrees per hour.

They refused to accept these results, because why start listening to science now I guess, so they encased the gyroscope in a zero gauss chamber to prove that it wasn ‘t registering the rotation of the Earth, but rather the rotation of the sky (ok) and I ‘ll give you a chance to predict what the result of round two was.


But wait – there ‘s more.

Guess how much this gyroscope cost.


This massive self-own cost Bob Knobel TWENTY. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. and literally any shred of integrity this insane movement had left. And watching the whole thing go down was priceless.

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